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About Him
I\ m Sarah. I am 19 years old and I graduated from Heard County High School with honors. I am also a Certified Assistant Nurse, thanks to dual enrollment with West Ga Tech. I work at Krystal in Newnan and at Franklin Heritage Nursing Home in Franklin Ga. I race dirtbikes (Kawasaki 350 and Honda 350). I\ ve been racing for 6 years. I love fishing (I have an AbbyGarcia 5000). I love fishing on a boat with a trolling motor or even off the bank. I also enjoy swimming, mudding (on four wheelers). OH , and I love cooking. I could cook anything. I am also musically inclined. I sing and have been since i was 13 years old. I was in marching band all four years of high school along with chorus. I play 5 different instruments (flute, melophone, sousaphone, picollo, and piano). I also have played sports. I played softball and tennis. I am planning on finishing up as a nurse and become a Registered Nurse and then transfer to a school for pharmacy and also take the next step into making medicine. I am a very sweet girl, I like to think outside the box, and I wouldn\ t hurt a soul. I have volunteered to help with the Special Olympics and donated 20 hours in doing so. And I love helping people and talking with people In conclusion I\ d like to give an idea of my personality and behavior. I am a good girl with lots of goals and I want all of them to become reality. I have a pure heart and would do anything to make someone happy. I am faithful and beleive in doing the right things.
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