Privacy Policy

To deal with the enforcement of the “R.O.C. Personal Information Protection Act”, iPair will also amend our “Personal Information Protection Policy” to comply with the relevant laws and regulations. Please carefully read the provisions to understand that iPair will possibly collect your personal Information but will definitely keep, process and use the same with due diligence. iPair Personal Information Protection Policy Notification for Collection of Personal Information

Dear Users:
In order to ensure that the personal Information and privacy and consumers’ interest and right provided by you to the Company are protected adequately, iPair (managed by Sunfun Info Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) hereby advise you of the following pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act prior to the collection of your personal Information:

I. Purpose for iPair Collection of Personal Information and Mode of Collection:

  • The Company will collect your personal Information via enrollment into the membership, completion of purchase order, participation in activities and refund of payment.
  • According to the “Amendments to Specific Purposes of Personal Information Protection Act Promulgated by Ministry of Justice”, the Company will use your personal Information in the following manners:
    • Marketing activities (including but not limited to, service of the Company’s business information, e.g. EDM) (statutory specific purpose 040).
    • Internal management of the rosters of members or other affiliates, e.g. website certification, and vendors’ easy registration (including but not limited to, Facebook ID and Yahoo ID))(statutory specific purpose 051).
    • Contract, contract-like or other legal relations, e.g. basis for lucky draw (statutory specific purpose 069).
    • Comparison and verification of ID of the concerned party who takes part in activities, applies for refund of payment and files a complaint (statutory specific purpose 090).
    • Courier, home-delivery and carrier entrusted by the Company; e-shopping and e-commerce applied to service of goods or written invoices (statutory specific purpose 148).
    • Advertisement or business conduct management (statutory specific purpose 152)
    • Video, music and media management (statutory specific purpose 153)
    • Investigation, statistics and research analysis (statutory specific purpose 157)
    • Other business lines and consultation and advisory services that meet the scope of registered business or are defined in the articles of association (statutory specific purposes 181 and 182)
Without your prior consent, the Company will use your personal Information for any other purposes.

II. Type of Personal Information Collected by iPair:

  • When you register the iPair user name, use iPair products or services, view iPair's or its partners’ webpages, and join any promotional activities or lucky draws, the Company will collect your personal Information. According to the types of personal Information collected under the Personal Information Protection Act promulgated by the Ministry of Justice, the types of Information to be collected by the Company might include:
    • C001 ID of individual: e.g. the consumer’s name, job title, address, workplace, previous address, telephone number (H), mobile phone number, messager login name, network platform login name, mailing address and domicile, photo, email, e-signature, e-certificate serial No., certificate serial No., network ID certification or search record and any other information sufficient to identify the individual.
    • C002 ID of finance: e.g. the number and name of financial institution
    • C003 ID in the information archived by the government: e.g. ID No., and passport No., et al.
    • C011 Personal descriptions: e.g. age, gender, date of birth, place of birth, and nationality, et al.
    • C012 Physical descriptions: e.g. height, weight, and blood type, et al.
    • C013 Habits: e.g. smoking, and drinking, et al.
    • C014 Personality: e.g. comments on personality
    • C021 Family status: e.g. marital status, and children, et al.
    • C023 Details about other family members: e.g. children, dependents,
    • C031 Household and facilities: e.g. residence, type of household, value and owner’s name, et al.
    • C032 Property: Movable property or real estate
    • C034 Travel and other immigration information: e.g. past immigration, travel details, foreign passport, resident Visa, and work license and permit, et al.
    • C035 Recreational activities and interests: e.g. habits, sports and any other interests, et al.
    • C036 Life style: e.g. the type of consumable products and services, and personal or family consumption model, et al.
    • C038 Occupation: e.g. various occupations.
    • C039 License or other permits: e.g. driving license, and vehicle license, et al.
    • C051 School record: e.g. university, college or other schools, et al.
    • C052 Qualifications or skills: e.g. educational degree and qualification, professional technology, special license, record of attendance to governmental job training courses, national examination, test achievement or other training record, et al.
    • C054 Occupation and specialty: e.g. expert, scholar or advisor, et al.
    • C056 Work: Books, articles, reports, audio & video publications and other works, et al.
    • C061 Current employment: e.g. job title, job descriptions, and job rank, et al.
    • C068 Salary and withholding: e.g. salary and wage, et al.
    • C081 Revenue, income, asset and investment: e.g. total revenue, total income, assets and savings, et al.
    • C082 Liabilities and expenditure: e.g. such credit tool expenditure as total expenditure, rental expenditure, funding expenditure, promissory note, et al.
    • C084 Loan: e.g. type of loan, amount of loan, balance of loan, date of granting, expiry date, payable interest, payment record, and details about guarantee, et al.
  • In addition to said types of personal Information, the Company will use cookies to manage the e-commerce website and log your activities on the website. The cookies are saved by us in the menu of browser in your computer only for the purpose of enabling the websites in which the Company installs the cookies to access the contents. You may know when the cookies are installed or rejected through your browser settings.
  • The Company’s website administration system will log your IP address and login hours, and webpages browsed by you and Information and logs clicked by you, and will maintain the relevant track information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act.

III. Duration, Territory, Counterpart and Mode for Said Information Collected by iPair

  • Duration: The Company will keep your personal Information in the duration of operation.
  • Territory: Your personal Information will be used in the territories where the iPair operates.
  • Counterpart and mode: The Company, and the Company’s affiliates and partners (for details, please view the Company’s official website)

IV. Right Vested in Consumers Under Laws

For the personal Information you delivered to the Company, you may exercise the following powers pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act: :
  • any inquiry and request for a review of the personal information;
  • any request to make duplications of the personal information
  • any request to supplement or correct the personal information
  • any request to discontinue collection, processing or use of personal information
  • any request to delete the personal information
When you wish to exercise said powers, you may file an application with the Company’s customer service center via our user service center( In the process of application, you shall provide your ID or other identification certificates to the Company’s customer service unit for comparison and verification of your identity.

V. Provision of Personal Information to Your Sole Discretion

You may freely choose to provide the Company with your personal Information. If you are unwilling to provide your personal Information, you may still visit some contents available at the website, provided that you might not be able to use some specific functions available at the website. Please understand.

VI. Changes in the Notification

  • The Company reserves the right to amend the Notification. When the Company amends the collection, processing and use of the personal Information, the Company will update the contents of the webpage, and will send you an email advising the changes when you log into the “iPair” website.
  • Should you have any questions or suggestions on the personal Information protection provided by the website, please feel free to call or email us.

VII. Self-Protection Measures

  • You may voluntarily register and participate the Company and its partners’ websites and activities and provide your personal Information. Meanwhile, you may also voluntarily provide your personal Information in the interactive services available in the message board, chat room and forum at the Company’s website, such as email and name. Your provision of Information in such manner shall be held your voluntary disclosure of your personal Information.
  • Please maintain your password and personal Information carefully and never provide your personal Information, especially the password, to any others. Before leaving the computer or stopping using the iPair services, please log out your account. If you are sharing the computer with others or using a public computer, please do remember to turn off the browser to prevent others from accessing your personal Information or mails.