Charlotte Talbert
  • 49歲
  • 167cm(5'6")
  • 45kg(99lbs)
  • 沒有張貼或公開的心情!
  • San Francisco
  • A 型
  • 射手座
  • 待業中
  • 白人/高加索人
  • 離婚
  • 結婚對象 親密關係
I'm an unusual girl, I'll tell you right away. I'm not a calm harbor. With me you'll be like on a roller coaster, I'll keep you toned and you'll feel thme.taste of life, I'll fill your life with all sorts of colors. Believe I'm the girl with a surprise and I have something to surprise you. I'm a girl with a big heart, very passionate and emotional! I have a strong character, I'm courageous and determined. I have two higher educations and one more not finished, I like to study and I am very hardworking, I always rely only on my strength. I really want to tell you about myself but here my story will not fit. I do not have a man of my dreams, I believe that everything happens unexpectedly, you just feel that this is your man and everything happens in one moment! I believe in chemistry between people, the attraction is what I look for. Of course, I want my man to love active rest, read books, he could support an interesting conversation. If he loves me then he will be faithful and kind; so that the most important criterion is the spark between us, attraction and passion and will also support and take good care of me Contact me (586) 315-0074
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