Maddy Rose
07/11 02:53
  • 20歲
  • 173cm(5'8")
  • 59kg(129lbs)
  • 沒有張貼或公開的心情!
  • Missouri
  • A 型
  • 處女座
  • 其他
  • 白人/高加索人
  • 交往中但保有交友空間
  • 其他友誼 男女朋友 同好搭檔
all I wanna do is get cuddles and kisses and hugs and hold hands while I make you smile and laugh at my stupid jokes while we chill and watch cartoons while enjoying crappy food together, I can also be a very supportive and excellent friend if anyone needs one
  • 目前沒有照片
交友編號: 9402250